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C. Large Construction Ltd.
Garages, Shops & Carports
Center Rd.
16' ceiling and 10" ceiling. Vaulted ceiling in high part. Small part was going to be used for wood working and tall part for car repairs.
The orginal shop was a total loss from a fire. Had to start from foundation up. They never used the shop as sold the property.
The tall side was designed to store RV in. Low side has second floor for "man cave". We just framed it up and the owner finished it.
2 car garage with stuidio at end for kids to make noise and not bother parents. Was a lot of work to find the turned colums.
Crescent Rd.
Tore down the old 20x24 shop and built a 24x34 with 14' ceiling.The max size Quaicum will allow. Metal roof and siding. Poor cell phone reception inside it.
2 car garage with stoarge room.
Biggest carport ever. 48' x 30'. With 16' ceiling. Lots of engineering for it. Used to RV in and for out door equipment.
After they bought the house we built this carport and storage shed to match the house.
Small carport added to the guest house.
Built this carport a while after we built the house. Built to match the house. 1 big steel I-beam running across the front to hold all up.