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Decks and more decks.
Big deck, different levels and curves. The clam shell roof is anchour to mother earth with a steel rod. The hole in there is for a fire pit.
The back deck (first pics) was a sand down and replace rotten boards. The stain it all. Water side deck was rebuild over refurbished flat roof. New rails as well. Ran out of time to get stained. Will do when weather becomes better.
REmoved the treated deck as it was past it's prime. Installed new sleepers over flat roof. Use composite decking. Like lots of it.
Tore the little old deck down. All composite decking. Custom made handrails. Lots of stairs.
Closed in a porch by adding that big glass door. Added the deck for access out the door. Gives a small sitting area. All composite decking. Did the rail for the second floor deck.
Owner looked after the railings. Built the fence as well. Bit of work to make the benches.
Tore the old deck apart as it had to many repairs done to it and we made new deck bigger. The wood landing is for hot tub. Composite decking material.
Removed the old small deck. top deck out the door has DuraDek vinyl decking so can use below for dry area. 5/4 treated decking on rest. Cedar for rails and posts. Post left tall for hanging baskets.
Removed old deck. Made new one bigger and moved the stairs from the front to the side. Cedar rails with tempared glass inserts. DuraDek vinyl decking.
Made this deck 2' wider by sistering onto side of exsiting joist. Added the privacy wall. Covered in DuraDek vinyl decking. New hand rails.
New deck with 2x6 cedar decking and benches. Landing at side door and a fence. It was wet wet and muddy the whole time working.
They bought a new house and there were no stairs off the deck. You had to go out the front door and around the house to get into back yard. Not good. Thankfully Comox changes there rules and we could build these stairs for them.